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This is the ultimate wellness website that gives your body access to herbal goodness, tools to nourish your mind, and inspirations to access your creative spirit.

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Wholistic Wellness

Your mind, body, and heart work together to create your total being and are all very important in the way you relate to this life. Through the understanding that all parts need equal attention, we can create a life where appreciation is a focus and stress is less likely to make an appearance. Mindfulness and learning about wholistic wellness, can greatly improve your quality of life and change the trajectory of your kid's.

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My name is Shannon and I'm the Modern Hippie lady. So very nice to meet you! Welcome to my world, I appreciate you being here! Modern Hippie Land is an extension of myself combining all my passions in one place. My goal is to spread awareness about leading a mindful life and to share my knowledge about health and healing to anyone who is ready to hear it.

I pour my heart into my creations, so just know that each item was hand created and packaged with so much love!