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Magical Mindfulness & Kids Yoga

Magical Mindfulness & Kids Yoga

Ages 6-12
9 week series
$90 a month
In this fun interactive 2 hour workshop, your littles will not only get their wiggles out with some fun yoga stories, they'll improve somatic awareness, gain essential mindfulness skills, and improve emotional intelligence. We play games, learn fun breathing exercises, do art, and they'll even get to take home a ton to add to their mindfulness toolbox. Loosely using our chakra system as a guide to our learning, we will take a rainbow journey and dress up with each of the colors of the rainbow! I'm so excited to meet your kiddos, and introduce and expand their knowledge of these concepts!

9/10: First class theme: Rainbow! If you want, dress up in your favorite tie dye or rainbow attire 🌈