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Facial Care Box

Facial Care Box

Whoa! Your face has never felt so amazing! This box set includes all you need to care for that beautiful face of yours.

Here is how I use the tools in this kit:

  1. Wash off with warm water and that cool microfiber cloth. Get your face ready for success. If you have makeup on, no worries about extra cleansers...this face cloth is built to gently remove it.
  2. Get out that face mask and follow those instructions. (This step only needs to be done one or two times per week)
  3. Spritz, spritz, spritz that decadent smelling rose water as a calming and moisturizing toner.
  4. Emerald pools time! This luxury facial serum will leave your face glowing with happiness. Two or three pumps is all you need. Don't forget your neck!
  5. Look in a mirror and remind yourself that you love yourself!

Here is what you'll get: