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Gemstones For Humanity

Allow the vibrations of Mother Earth to align your soul with your truth. Use these gems as a tool in your personal transformation into love. As an energy healer, I harness Universal energy and transfer the intent to your little piece of Earth. Let each item guide you to who you are meant to be and serve as a reminder to love yourself wholeheartedly, first, then spread the vibration of kindness to every being throughout each day. Allow your gemstones to help you forgive yourself and anyone who's made you feel not worthy. Allow your gemstones to help you learn from every experience in your life and when necessary, gently nudge you back to your center.

Each piece of jewelry purchased will help to create at least 10 meals for children around the Globe. From where I'm sitting, I see enough abundance for everyone to share. I will continue the trade of energy and spread love through food to innocent beings everywhere. Every child on this Earth deserves to know, at the very least, how it feels to have a content belly every single day.