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Hello! My name is Shannon, and it’s so nice to meet you! I am a 30-something year old mama of two on a mission to help as many people realize their power as possible. I am a certified kids yoga instructor, mindfulness practitioner, and Reiki healer. My passion for plants and herbal medicine has blossomed into a modest organic apothecary. My mantra cuffs and gemstone bracelets combine my love for self healing and energy work. My artistic brain has allowed my hands to create so many other fun home goods, plant lover merch and macramé creations. 

Late 2018, the universe introduced me to my soulmate. He is my genuine other half and beyond the countless adventures we have already shared, Kyle also has the same passion for creation. Many of the items on this site will be available because of the help of him.

He is an ultra talented musician with a heart of gold and precision wood working skills. We are both so thankful to be utilizing the earths beautiful offerings to create an income to sustain a minimalistic lifestyle of mindfulness, adventure, homeschooling and health for our family.

I believe in self love. I believe in kindness. I believe in following your soul. This website combines all of my loves in one little shop. Nature, creativity, kindness, love, art, Mother Earth, empowerment, health...an eclectic variety of every day essentials that are all created by hand with so much love and intention.

Thank you for being here and supporting Modern Hippie. If you're ever in the Grass Valley, California area come check out our products at the amazing Make Local Habit located on Mill St.

 I hope you are having a wonderful day and you should really check out the rest of the site and go follow our social media ;)  Talk soon!

Be well ♡