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Cosmic Lust ✦ Body Spritz

Cosmic Lust ✦ Body Spritz

Sultry, floral and sweet - this is a fan favorite. Rose, jasmine, and vanilla will play on your sensual senses while the sandalwood brings it further down to earth. The energies of this spritz will pull on your self love strings putting you in the perfect state to attract a mate(if you so desire, of course).
My spritz base is special, too. Want to know why?? 
I use natural artesian spring water from a sacred land in Nevada City, CA. This water is tested and as clean as it gets. I have spoken with the spirits of the elders that used to inhabit this land many ages ago, and they are glad to share Mother Earth's gift of a healing water with all of you. 

Added, is a vibrationally attuned clear quartz crystal for maximum enhancement of the energy you're trying to create.
Ingredients: Artesian spring water, witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, pure rose water. Essential oils of: sandalwood*, vanilla*, rose, jasmine.
*certified organic