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Shampoo Bars ✦ WHOLESALE
Shampoo Bars ✦ WHOLESALE
Shampoo Bars ✦ WHOLESALE
Shampoo Bars ✦ WHOLESALE
Shampoo Bars ✦ WHOLESALE

Shampoo Bars ✦ WHOLESALE

&• Organic Ingredients • Vegan Friendly • Earth Friendly & Biodegradable •

Egyptian Moon - Channel your inner Egyptian Goddess with the ancient scents of frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood. Nourish your scalp with a special blue lotus infused jojoba oil - this bar is especially special because of this. Blue lotus is the flower of the Egyptian royalty, has been used as a "heal-all" for thousands of years, and has been known to promote healthy hair. Blue lotus oil has shown to help elasticity, is great at adding moisture while also controlling oil, increasing shine, and overall helping to improve hair health. Not only does this shampoo bar smell amazing, it will do your hair wonders.

Enchanted UnicornEnchanted Unicorn is so scrumptious you’ll want to take a bite! It will remind you of your favorite fair as a child and the sweet scent of cotton candy! Ylang ylang, vanilla and a little citrus, this smell will keep you sniffing! 

Mountain Mermaid - Mountain Mermaids exist in the waters at the bases of mountains. In the blue cold lakes, rivers and streams that nourish the land. You'd expect exactly this smell when thinking of a Mountain Mermaid - woodsy, yet fresh and mysterious. This is one of my favorites for sure!

Mystical Forest - Only in the Mystical Forest, do the freshest forest creatures exist. Clean and minty, this fern filled forest scent will leave you with a tingle. While this scent was designed with a male pallet in mind, I think him & her will both enjoy this minty greatness.

Simple & Serene - Sometimes the simplest pleasures in life are the most serene. For the lovers of a natural scent, or the ones who are little and fresh to the earth, this is the bar for you. Infused with calendula and lavender oils, you'll be happy to feel the nourishment from these healthful plants. 

Squatch SudsSquatch Suds is a dude favorite! You're sure to smell like the most dapper Sasquatch around with this shampoo bar. Earthy, masculine and a little bit of sweetness you'll love this soapy greatness for sure!


New to shampoo bar-ing? Here are some tips on how to use them!

➳ These shampoo bars have far less additives and toxic chemicals than traditional shampoos, so the lather may not be what you're used to. This is normal and your hair will still get clean. Promise! I've tried and tested my formula to be not only non toxic, but still lather, clean, and moisturize your hair.

➳ Because your hair is used to something different, your scalp and hair will go through a detox phase until you're adjusted. Your hair may appear greasier than normal for a little bit. Be patient - the end result is worth it and you'll love that you switched to shampoo bars. Always allow up to 4 weeks before you give up on a bar!

➳ I do not use a conditioner anymore! Because you are using a more natural soap for your hair, your scalp will start to produce the natural oils it's meant to. Your hair is healthier now and won't require any extra moisturizing. I use an apple cider vinegar rinse after washing now, and my hair is so happy! Read about it here...

➳ Here are some simple instructions:

        1. Wet your hair thoroughly and work bar into a lather.

        2. You have a few options with washing technique. I personally like to rub the bar all over my head until it feels sufficiently soaped up. Some like to work soap into hands first. Try all the different ways of application and you'll develop your own favorite way.

        3. Rub, dub, scrub! Keep on washing! Once you feel you've got all the nooks and crannies of your scalp all washed, it's now time to rinse! 

        4. Repeat washing 2-3 times before applying your apple cider vinegar rinse!


Why shampoo bars?  

☼ Yummy ingredients that help your scalp health rather than harm it!

☼ Less packaging! Think of all the shampoo bottles you'll be saving. Our landfills are already overflowing...this is just one less thing added to the pile!

☼ Easy for travel! Pack her up in your backpack and don't worry about harming Mother Earth. Find our "reusable container" section here...

☼Biodegradable. That's the beauty of using ingredients that originate from the earth!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Palm oil*, kosher vegetable glycerin, water, sodium hydroxide(saponifying agent), sorbitol(moisturizer) , sorbitan oleate(emulsifier) , soy bean protein(conditioner) , mango butter*, raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter*, butterfly pea flowers*(for color), oils of: castor*, calendula*, avocado*, blue lotus infused jojoba*, fragrance (pure essential oil blend of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, clary sage)