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Home Apothecary Monthly Subscription

Home Apothecary Monthly Subscription

Join me on a journey of learning about our Earth a little more intimately with a specially curated package of 4-5 different herbs each month! We will explore many different plants and their traditional medicinal uses, history, and even touch on their esoteric origins. Most of these bundles come with recipes that are curated to suit a wide array of ages, so get your kiddos involved! I believe that our bodies are wonderful healing machines, and with a little support from the herbs and plants growing right around us, we can live our best lives. This is such a fun way to integrate herbal learnings and stock up your at home apothecary. 

Here is what is included each month:

✿ Keepsake recipe of the month card. This will be just one of the ways you can use your herbs. It will be something like an infusion recipe, bath recipe, tincture recipe, or something of the sort.  

✿ 4-5 organic herbs from my favorite trusted herbal wholesale companies who pay mind to fair-trade and organic practices. If it is available organic, it wil be, otherwise it will be wildcrafted or wildharvested. You'll receive around 2.5oz of dried plants total each month either in biodegradable zip baggies or keepsake cork jars - you choose!

✿ At least 1 tool or accessory that would be helpful in executing your recipe. 

✿ Weekly email containing information about each herb in pdf version for your printing pleasure. When you get to smell, taste, see, touch each plant, you'll retain so much more information about it's uses. It's one of the best ways of learning about anything...emerse all of your senses. 

If you purchase as a reoccurring subscription, you will be billed and your order will ship out around the same time of the month that you placed your order. Please cancel at least 24 hours before your monthly bill date.



Please note: I am not a medical professional, only a student of nature and herbology, sharing recipes and distributing dried plants to all of you. DISCLAIMER: We recommend that you consult with a health care practitioner before using herbal products. Particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.