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Wholistic Wellness Private Coaching

Wholistic Wellness Private Coaching

As a wholistic wellness coach and energetic healer, I do believe most problems manifesting in our physical bodies need to also be addressed by the mind and heart. It's all about balancing your mind, body, and heart to create easier flow of your energies which allows you to take on daily challenges with ease and with less frustration. If we neglect any of these three aspects, I believe it becomes harder to find peace and can take more time than necessary to reach homeostasis. In a session with me, we will figure out in which areas we need to focus our attention and gather some useful practices that could be integrated into your life for your personal situation. We are comprehensive and highly vibrational beings that can be adapted into anything you want. Your mind and heart are totally in control. From a modern mindfulness and energetic healing perspective, keeping in mind your chakras, we can work through anything in your life that you feel needs some balance.

I have been practicing and becoming settled in my knowledge of mindfulness and energetic healing for 5 years and, among other certifications, have become certified as a Mindfulness coach, Reiki Master, and Kids Yoga Teacher. I have been studying PTSD and alternative healing modalities for mental dis-eases for over 10 years. I am always continuing my education and deepening my understanding of the vibrational world around us and all the different modalities of energetic healing we have access to.

I'm so glad you found me, everything happens for a reason!

Please message me if you have any questions! If there are no timeslots available at good times for you, let me know and I can check availability around your schedule. Please choose timeslot in addition to purchasing your session.

Talk soon!

♡ Shannon S.