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Wood Wall Signs ༄ WHOLESALE

Wood Wall Signs ༄ WHOLESALE

Rustic, minimalist, boho... these reclaimed wood signs are perfect for any room!

These vary in size. Rectangular in shape all a tad smaller than 12" tall or wide. Each with a cotton cord to hang.

There is a running list of all the designs I have available...Leave me a note or email with your choices. 

**Custom designs can be created if you plan to order 10 or more of that design. Designs are limited to simple type quotes similar to what is available already.

Available designs:

-Have so much light that the plants grow towards you.

-All you need is love and lots of plants

-Don't let the fear of limited space keep you from buying the plants

-The plants and I need a drink

-If plant hoarding is wrong, I don't want to be right.

 -Life is short, buy the plants

-Home is where my plants are

-Modern Hippie (with flower)

-Modern Hippie (with moon phases)

-Moon phases with black background

-Ohm symbol

-Kinda Hippie, kinda hood

-Trippy little hippy

-Save the world, raise a hippie

-Kinda hippie, little bit witchy